The magic of mirrors

A mirror is like an interior design genie. Your wish is its command as it magically expands walls, amplifies light, and breaks up visual clutter. Mirrors can be used to solve most any design dilemma. It brings light and depth into a room and can be magically moved around and placed as decorative windows wherever needed.

Unlike a genie who will only grant you three wishes, mirrors have many design tricks:

  • Breathe new life into a plain wall by grouping small mirrors together, each uniquely framed to create an eclectic gallery wall.
  • Alternatively, choose one big, bold statement mirror then build your scheme around it.
  • Magically widen a narrow wall by turning a skinny long mirror on its side. A vertical mirror used horizontally as a headboard is an example of this technique.
  • Create a restaurant atmosphere and ambiance by placing a mirror next to the dining room table. This allows for softer lighting to be used, while still keeping the area light and bright.
  • Extend the height of a room by using floor length mirrors. Their long shape draws the eye up, making any space feel lighter and brighter.
  • Make small kitchens appear larger by fixing antiqued mirrored glass to cabinet doors. The same can be done in a small bedroom with wardrobe doors.
  • Frame your view by using pairs of mirrors. When used in pairs on either side of a window or doorway, they create a sense of balance and harmony.
  • Maximize the light in a room by placing a mirror behind a light source. Whether it’s behind a candle, a pendant light, or a bedside lamp, a mirror will help to maximize the light’s reach while creating an almost magical effect. Placing a mirror opposite a window will have the same effect.
  • Lighten a dark courtyard by strategically placing a mirror to reflect natural light.

Next time you need an interior design miracle, remember the magic of mirrors. They are not only beautiful, but also functional accessories that can make a living area appear larger than its actual size. There is no better friend to a small space or a designer with creative block than a well-placed mirror.


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