In harmony with the environment

As an ISO 9001:2000 (quality management system) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) certificated company, PFG adheres to the highest standards of sustainable operations. We constantly strive to reduce the impact we have on the environment, by focusing on energy reduction, waste management, emissions, process optimisation and other areas that affect our carbon footprint.

Windscreen recovery and reclamation

A programme to recover broken windscreens, and glass, from around the country, and returned that to PFG in Springs. Here, the windscreens are taken out by a dedicated plant, the laminate is removed and the remaining glass is broken down further to produce cullet, which is then used again in the glass-making process. This reduces landfill volumes and energy requirements.

Waste management

For every 1 000 tons PFG melts, we generate approximately 30% less waste than we did in 2007. Timber, used in crates, is re-used as base for packaging at our putty operation. Similarly, we recycle steel from crate strapping and equipment packaging, and we have an active paper recycling programme throughout the site. Interleaving paper, used to separate glass sheets during packaging, is also recycled.


New technology used at both our float lines (SP3 and SP4) delivers significantly lower (approximately 30%) NOx, SOx emissions. We constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint through load optimisation, return loads, local sourcing of raw materials and using cleaner energy sources.

Energy efficiency

PFG’s strategy is to reduce our energy consumption annually. We have achieved this every year since 2006, by converting part of our operation to natural gas and reducing our demand for oil.

Going green

PFG actively promotes the use of ‘green’ glass in buildings – including the glass used in developments such as the Menlyn Park Shopping Centre, OR Tambo International Airport, Durban International Airport, Wesbank / FNB Office Park and other buildings. Local manufacture of this glass eliminates the need for imports. Green glass reduces the need for airconditioning in the South African fluctuating climate. High performance coated laminated products improve the aesthetic look of buildings and is one of the most efficient mechanisms to prevent heat gain in buildings. It’s also worth noting that PFG also has the capability to produce low-iron glass.

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