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PFG is not simply a supplier of glass. As part of our philosophy of continuous improvement, our technical, sales and support resources are committed to enhancing the relationship we have with customers by extending the supply chain beyond manufacturing and distribution.


As the leading glass manufacturer and supplier in Southern Africa, PFG has considerable technical resources and expertise. These are made available to customers, who require assistance with glass specifications, glass regulations, application, performance and other technical considerations.

Materials Handling

A critical part of the glass supply process is the way the glass sheets and pallets are loaded, transported and offloaded. PFG spends a considerable amount of time and effort to refine this process, to achieve its take out on time delivery and order fill rates. Domestically, millions of rands are spent on refurbishing grab devices (our own and our customers), refining the configuration of loading on delivery trucks, and evaluating the off-loading procedures of customers to ensure maximum with minimal breakages, during this process.


To minimise the risk of glass breakages during packing and transportation, PFG employs strict packing procedures. Advanced glass handling procedures at take out float and the take out plants, ensure that pallets are loaded efficiently and with the minimum delay. Individual glass sheets are interleaved and packed with minimum room for movement. Pallets are sealed and checked prior to loading.




PFG exports clear float, automotive float, patterned glass, mirrors and laminated glass to over 40 countries on 5 continents.

Float Exports

Our 2nd float glass line (SP4), is dedicated to the manufacture of high quality automotive glass. Our automotive glass products are:

  • Clear Float
  • Tinted Float (Automotive)
  • ASG 1 (Light green)
  • ASG 2 (Dark green)

This glass is produced to the highest quality OEM specifications, to a maximum size of 3660mm x 2440mm, from 1.8mm to 8.0mm thickness.Cut sizes can be supplied based on specific requirements.

Mirror and Laminated Glass Exports

Available on request.

Crating and Containerisation

Crating is carried out on-line and containerisation is done on site. Exports are routed via Durban, to destinations across the globe. PFG has dedicated agents in various countries

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