PFG's float lines are among the most advanced of their kind in the world

PFG produces 260,000 tons of quality float glass a year, for supply to customers in the building and automotive sectors across five continents. Our customers include processors, merchants and distributors of glass, furniture manufacturers, appliance manufacturers and aluminium fabricators, as well as producers of automotive glass products to global OEM quality standards.

Typical Applications

  • Vehicle windows
  • Vehicle windscreens
  • Train windows
  • Shower Doors
  • Building Facades
  • Decorative
  • Shopfronts

Sizes & thicknesses

PFG's ClearVue float glass is made in clear and green tint, between 1.8mm and 12mm thick. Stock sizes are 3660mm wide and 2440mm high.

Manufacturing Process

The float glass manufacturing process was developed by Pilkington in 1959, taking flat glass technology to a revolutionary new level. The glass gains its lustrous finish and perfect flatness by floating on a bath of molten tin in a chemically controlled atmosphere. The ribbon of glass is then cooled, while still moving, until the surfaces are hard enough for it to be taken out of the bath without the roller marking the surface. The glass is then automatically cut and stacked, ready to be packed for distribution to local and international customers.

manufacturing process diagram



    PFG’s float glass manufacturing process.

Recycling & sustainability
in harmony with the environment

PFG adheres to the highest standards of sustainable operating.

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